Adenium Obesum Desert Rose - One Year Old

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Beautiful Caudex Bonsai! ONE live plant! - 1 year old plant (approx. 5-7 in. in height) - Plant comes bare rooted with NO LEAVES or FLOWERS.

Place plant in full sun - Water once a week after transferring the plant into a pot with sandy soil (not potting soil), roots start growing in one week, and leaves start growing in three to four weeks - These plants need minimal care and are perfect for amateur plant lovers.

Because of the stringent processes of the USDA some plants have no leaves. These adenium are drought tolerant and enjoy full sun. Because of this, the plant only needs to be watered once a week. They grow very easily in sandy well draining soil to encourage the soil to retain less water.

Adenium are very easy to care for and prefer hot and dry weather, not wet and cold weather. They thrive in temperatures between 86 and 95 degrees F.  If the temperature is too cold then the plant will remain dormant and not sprout leaves.  For temperatures below 53F, it is best to keep the adenium indoors and refrain from giving the plant water.

SHIPPING: All plants sizes are selected at random. No APO/FPO and international shipments please. All varieties have limited quantities. 15 Day Return Period.

If you have concerns after the plant arrives, please immediately notify us. Please contact me immediately with any questions. We have been in the plant business for more than 15 years and want you to be very happy with your purchase!

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