Fresh not Frozen


At Lankui Fresh, we take freshness seriously. This means that we never freeze any of our fruits. Ever. Most fruits sold in the USA and Canada are picked way before the fruit has had a chance to ripen naturally. While the freezing process helps the fruits stay viable through its long journey on cargo ships, it has little benefit for the customer. The process of flash freezing and chemical thawing takes away valuable nutrients while altering the taste and texture of the fruit.

In order to deliver the finest and freshest product possible to you, all of our fruits are air shipped weekly.


In order to ensure that our fruit doesn't over ripen during its journey, our fruit is carefully packaged in open breathable boxes. The conventional styrofoam shipping boxes that most of our competitors use can cause over ripening. The un-natural ripening is caused by containment of the enzymes that are released by the fruit. In a closed container, the fruit is unable to "breathe" and naturally ripen as it does in nature.